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80 t payload system – for loading vehicles like
/ M1 Abrams
/ Challenger 2
/ Merkava
/ Leclerc
/ Leopard 2
/ Magach
/ and others

10 t payload system – for loading vehicles like
/ Mungo
/ Dingo
/ Humvee
/ Dzik
/ and others

Air and space industry

The special vehicles of SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG for the air and space travel industry guarantee reliability and precision when transporting highly sensitive loads. Our transport systems designed for aerospace hardware move rocket engines, vehicle stages, tanks, or spacecrafts from the processing and assembly areas to the launch pad. One of our most prominent customers is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The aircraft industry also relies on our special vehicles for whole components like wing units and fuselages during aircraft manufacture..

Increase your speed

During goods handling operations, time is everything – the logistical machinery must not come to a halt. With the Wiesel, TruckWiesel and its swap body trailers, vehicles produced at the TII Group show that the TII Group understands and appreciates your requirements exactly. Vehicles from the TII Group have long been an indispensable part of efficient yard management. A 24-hour spare parts guarantee, a strong and close-knit network of service centres along with very attractive financing and rental options and, at the same time, offer you convenience and high process reliability.