Your 360°-supplier for military trailers
and specialized transport solutions.



Your 360°-supplier for military trailers and specialized transport solutions

We offer a  comprehensive 360° range of logistics and special transport systems tailored to your tactical needs. Ask us about our solutions, tell us about your challenges and we will make your defense logistics smarter, more efficient and more reliable.

High Mobilility Solutions – Trailer solutions with inbuilt Offroad Power Booster technology offering additional traction in challenging terrains as well as an independant power source. More

Medium Mobility Solutions – A comprehensive range of trailers for payloads between 25 and 115 tons ideally suited for road transportation and moderate offroad use. More

Ultraheavy Solutions – Self-Propelled vehicles for load-outs up to 20.000 tons and more. More

Launcher Solutions – a proven range of vehicles for handling missiles, components and boostes before and during start procedure. More

Strategic Carrier Solutions – A range of semitrailers with an independant power source, ready to supply strategic systems of all kinds. More

Automatically Guided Solutions – a variety of autonomous transport solutions for high-risk environments. More

Hazardous Substance Handling Solutions – a variety of special vehicles for handling hazardous items such as nuclear warheads and other items. More


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